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how to wear linen in the fall mereu

How to Wear Linen in The Cold Season?

It's generally believed that linen clothing is actual only in summer, thanks to its cooling and thermal conductivity characteristics. However, this is a misconception that should be dispelled right now. Linen clothing is an excellent choice for a cold season. Natural linen has excellent thermoreg...
5 tips to take care of natural linen clothing -MereU

5 Professional Tips to Take Care of Your Natural Linen Clothing

We all love wearing clothes that are not only comfortable but make us look stylish at the same time. Considered as one of the most eco-friendly and oldest textiles, Natural Linen Clothing is loved by millions across the globe. This great-looking natural fabric is made from flax plant fibers and i...
Blog posts Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit with MereU

Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit with MereU

From one-piece to two-piece suits, tankini, and bikini tops skirted bottoms to high-waisted ones, perfect swimsuits come in a rainbow of different styles. There’s something for everyone! However, let's look away from personal preferences and talk about the practical side. How can you choose the p...