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Blog posts Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit with MereU

Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit with MereU

From one-piece to two-piece suits, tankini, and bikini tops skirted bottoms to high-waisted ones, perfect swimsuits come in a rainbow of different styles. There’s something for everyone! However, let's look away from personal preferences and talk about the practical side. How can you choose the perfect swimsuit for your body and lifestyle?

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Bikini or One-Piece?

Well, it all depends on your sunbathing style and level of activity. If you like to catch some rays, you can alternate the bikini and one-piece models depending on how intense you’d like your tan to be. If you’re a surfer and wear a swimsuit underneath a wetsuit, you should choose a two-piece model that will guarantee a proper fit and proper comfort. Think about what you’ll be doing, and choose what will make you feel best in your own skin!

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Best Fit

Everyone is looking for a perfect fit, but not everyone succeeds. We believe that the perfect swimsuit is the one that’s best for you! When we created our bikini bottoms, we kept customization in mind. You can control the fit by yourself, from classic bikinis to high open hips. The sky’s the limit!

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Proper Support

There’s plenty to get up to at the beach - there’s volleyball or yoga, or playing in the water, to name a few. But that’s an awful lot of bouncing around! You deserve a perfect swimsuit that makes you feel like everything’s under control and support. A quality swimwear top, no matter one- or two-piece, should guarantee a comfortable and true-to-you fit. In our case, this effect is achieved by means of excellent design, premium fabric, and perfect cut. Taking the time to ensure you get the right size is also crucial.

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No Frills, No Worries

There’s nothing like the figure you’ll cut in a perfectly fitted bikini, and nothing like the comfort! No tight squeezes, no pushing, just you. The secret of MereU swimsuits is a 2-layer fabric that is used in all our swimwear. This technology smooths out everything you might not want to show off and gives proper support. Moreover, these fabrics are fade-resistant and opaque, so there’s really no worries! 

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A Few More Words on Style

Variety is the spice of life, and we are all gorgeous in our individuality! That's why MereU offers minimalistic swimsuits of mainly matte colors that gracefully highlight your authentic self. We believe that the most important thing in our swimwear is you, and we at MereU are always nearby to help you look confident and feel comfortable in our suits. Explore our swimwear and see what’s right for you?

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