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About MereU

MereU - an American brand founded in Los Angeles for minimalists and comfort lovers.
We’re a young brand, but we grow fast. In less than a year, we opened both in New York and Paris. Stop by to see our pieces in person at FlyingSolo, Manhattan, NYC, or L'ARTYRIE, Paris, France.

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At MereU, we make timeless essentials that work as a solid base for any modern wardrobe. We believe that style doesn’t have to be complicated and that a small capsule wardrobe can go a long way. Our capsule items can be easily mixed and matched, dressed up or down to take you through the day...and night.

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MereU pieces are minimal and understated, with modern silhouettes that are not easy to find in linen.

"We chose linen as our flagman fabric. You will be surprised by how stylish and classy it can be. Traditionally considered a summer shirt fabric, linen can offer so much more. Check out our lookbooks and see for yourself how you can pair it with other natural fabrics and accessories and look gorgeous!" says Palina, MereU founder and ideologist.

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Each MereU item is created with respect and care for the environment. We use natural fabrics and recycled packaging materials to design our pieces for ultimate comfort while also being gentle with the planet.

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With love to people, MereU.