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5 tips to take care of natural linen clothing -MereU

5 Professional Tips to Take Care of Your Natural Linen Clothing

We all love wearing clothes that are not only comfortable but make us look stylish at the same time. Considered as one of the most eco-friendly and oldest textiles, Natural Linen Clothing is loved by millions across the globe. This great-looking natural fabric is made from flax plant fibers and is an ideal choice for people during the summer season due to its absorbing properties, making you feel airy and cool from inside. So, let us dig deeper into this quality linen clothing and learn about Natural Linen Clothing properties, along with its day-to-day care. 

Key Natural Linen Clothing Properties/Benefits

  • A Great Absorbent- With its high evaporating ability, it absorbs water quickly, making it a perfect choice for summer/humid weather.
  • Non-Stretchable- You need not worry about this fabric losing its shape at all.
  •  Anti-Static- Highly resistant to dust, stains, and dirt. 
  • Non-Allergic- People with allergies can easily wear this clothing. 
  • Lint Resistant- It is a lint-free fabric.
  • Highly Durable- Since it is also abrasion-resistant, it becomes highly durable. 
  • Temperature-Friendly- It has the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. 
Professional Tips To take care of natural linen clothing | MereU

5 Tips to Maintain Your Natural Linen Clothing 


1) Washing

  • Machine Washing
  • It is imperative to read the manufacturer’s instructions before washing natural linen clothing women since if it is a blend of cotton/rayon and linen, washing instructions might differ. 

  • Hand Washing
  • Use a mild detergent and place the clothing in an unstained sink filled with cool water. Remove the clothing from the soap water after agitating it and do not scrub the fabric at all. 

  • Stain Removing
  • Use club soda to remove the stain from your linen dress and avoid using any kind of bleach as it may cause damage to the fabric. 

    2) Drying 

    Get a flat drying rack to place your washed linen clothing or you can go with the option of air drying the padded hanger garment. Make sure you low -it for 5 minutes and use a hanger afterward to let it dry completely. 

    3) Ironing 

    While the linen is still damp a little bit, turn your natural linen clothing inside out and use your iron to run across the clothing. In case you have extra wrinkles to deal with, you may lay a light-colored / damp cloth over the clothing and use a steam setting for running a warm iron across it. 

    4) Storing

    It is recommended to use wooden/sturdy plastic hangers for storing your linen clothing in order to maintain its shape. So, there is no point in storing it in a dresser drawer since it will add wrinkles to it in no time. Also, make sure the place in which you are storing your fabric is a dry and cool one.

    5) Wearing

    During extended sitting periods or while driving, it is vital to take off your linen clothing. You must use a car hanger to hang your clothing until you are looking forward to wearing the same. To minimize lower-body wrinkles, slightly lift the pants above the knees while you take your sitting position. 

    5 professional tips to take care of natural linen clothing - MereU


    Your linen clothing is a rare and special clothing item in your wardrobe, and you must take care of it in the best way possible to add to its durability, strength, and beauty in the long run. These tips will undoubtedly help you to maintain your linen suits perfectly. We must not forget one thing that beauty demands care, and the same goes for your linen fabric as well!