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How to Wear Linen in The Cold Season?

It's generally believed that linen clothing is actual only in summer, thanks to its cooling and thermal conductivity characteristics. However, this is a misconception that should be dispelled right now.

Linen clothing is an excellent choice for a cold season. Natural linen has excellent thermoregulating properties, retains the heat, and prevents the body from freezing. Let’s figure out together how to wear linen clothing in the fall and winter in the right way.


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Layering has been a trend for the last couple of years, and it isn't going to leaning back for a long time. It’s easy peasy to combine classic linen clothing in a stylish layering outfit. Neutral color long sleeves knitting pullovers, and turtlenecks are a perfect bottom layer for a linen dress or casual linen suit. Also, it’s great to wear a linen shirt dress with a turtleneck, tight tights, or leggings. Add the uggs and bright knitted scarf. Accessories - such as a hat or massive belts - are also actual at this season and ready to please your imagination.

Stylish Pallete

How to wear linen in the fall

The right combination of the basic colors or similar tones looks magnificently. Linen clothing in calm matte colors looks stylish per se. Especially the excellent idea is to mix them with basic color textile with different textures. Use the color layering in your wardrobe, collecting similar hues - black and grey, white and beige. You will get an incredibly stylish outlook—for instance, a white t-shirt in combination with cream color linen dress or a casual jacket

Different textile combination

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A combination of different textures and materials and makes the outfit looks rich and deep. This is the best way not to hide your lovely linen dress in the closet for the cold season and look stylish the whole year long. 

Take clothes to look at the wool, silk, and viscose. Give preference to natural fabrics which provide you better thermoregulation. Cotton is also an excellent decision to make. You may wear a warm large of small knitting cardigan above the linen dress. Choose the length of the cardigan that fits your linen dress. Brutal shoos or boots and a wide tote bag will finish the outfit perfectly. 

Warm Accessories 

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Socks and knee socks. Woolen socks combined with shortened linen pans or midi linen dress looks perfect. It can be dramatically different colors, monochrome, or with some pattern. Choose the socks you are happy with and enjoy your cozy outlook. 


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It looks great to wear a warm knitted scarf above the linen shirt dress in the fall months.  You can also combine scarfs of different forms, textures, and sizes. A silk scarf or cravat completes the romantic looks with the slip dress or casual linen suit.


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A cozy and relaxed outfit perfectly matches casual tote bags or any large shapeless bags from our closet.  A good solution for these looks will also be a backpack made with eco-leather or soft textile. The evening cocktail outfit will be enriched by a classy clutch combined with a linen suit or slip midi dress.

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So is it worse to wear linen clothing in the fall or winter? Of course, it is! Linen is a great fabric to wear the whole year-round, whenever it is hot weather or cold. Learn how to fit linen clothing with warm accessories, and your outfit will always be on top.  The layering of linen and more thick materials helps you enrich your capsule wardrobe and create more outfits with the minimum amount of pieces. 

This is time to let go of the old notion about linen and rediscover linen clothing for freezy weather. Choose the best combinations in our timeless linen capsule.