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MereU Brand Production DNA

MereU team is absolutely convinced that comfort should go hand in hand with organic philosophy. That is why the careful choice of natural materials and eco-friendly technologies are essential for our brand.

We manufacture our clothes in Belarus - a small European country with a long history in the linen industry. We have made its choice in favor of the oldest linen mill in Belarus. Already in the 1960s, its scale of production was incredible! This Mill was the first who mastered the manufacture of household textile, developed jacquard weaving, opened numerous workshops for colorists, fabric, and pattern designers. The equipment there has been constantly modernized. 

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Particular attention should be given to the quality, which is just superb. This fact is confirmed annually with safety and conformity certificates. The Mill has managed to combine the past and the present, the national and the international: the best Belarusian weaving traditions and high-quality raw materials from France and Belgium.

We are so proud of cooperating with this Linen Mill because it meets all the UNO standards, and it totally follows the eco-friendly direction of the MereU brand. Following the idea “the less harm for the planet, the better,” the Mill uses waste-free production, process waste recycling, and biodegradable packages.

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So, first of all, we select the best European textiles to make our clothes soft and durable.  We also give great emphasis to tailoring and design, carefully adjusting our models to different body shapes. We do the clothes with the high-end and get the perfect fit.

Well, as the saying puts it - you'll never know until you try. But believe MereU clothing turns fashion into a powerful form of self-expression. Check out our premium linen collection and see how easily you can combine the items.  And how beautifully they complement each other. Choose among the variety of silhouettes and colors and create fashionable looks for any occasion. 

MereU's goal is to produce enough items to cover pretty much everything you need for the ultimate capsule wardrobe. We help you turn your closet into something distinctive, simplified, and perfectly suited to you. 

Mere you, mere your look, mere your comfort! Wear and Enjoy!